Oval Colonial Boxes

Oval Colonial Boxes

Oval Colonial Boxes

Historically, pantry boxes were divided into four groups: large (up to 24" in diameter) for butter, cheeses, and herbs, medium for sugar and meals, small for spices, and the tiniest - pill boxes.

Available in natural or stained finish.

Oval Colonial Boxes
F150 4" Oval 4-1/4" l. x 3-1/4" w. x 1-1/2" h.

F151 5" Oval 5-1/4" l. x 4" w. x 2-1/4" h.

F152 6" Oval 6-1/4" l. x 4-7/8" w. x 2-3/4" h.

F153 7" Oval 7-3/8" l. x 6" w. x 3-1/4" h.

F154 8" Oval 8-1/2" l. x 7" w. x 4" h.

F155 Set of Oval Colonial Boxes (#4-8)

About Our Finishes

Natural - Absolutely no finish. Sanded and ready for decorating
Stained - Our stain color is fruitwood (a medium brown) with clear protective topcoats.